British Lads And Dads

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Daddy Big Jack shows us how he likes to entertain young guys when his partner is out of town. The young admirer Chris loves letting Big Jack play with his cock.

Big Jacks partner Ed is also in the mood for a good round of sexual fun with Big Jack. After a good long suck, finger and rim fest they get down to some hardcore ass pounding action.

Models: Chris, Big Jack, Ed

Length: 64 minutes

Categories: mature / mature, mature / younger
Tags: chubby, mature active

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Snapshots from scene 1
Scene 1: Daddys Sweet Lad

Daddy Big Jack gives his young admirer Chris a helping hand in jerking off and to top it off he throws in a good round of oral pleasure and rimming.

Chris loves getting a helping hand from his mature lovers when playing with his massive manhood and with Daddy Big Jacks help he ends up blowing a monster load.

Models: Big Jack, Chris

Length: 13 minutes

Categories: mature / younger
Tags: chubby

Snapshots from scene 2
Scene 2: Big Jack And Ed

Big Jack And Ed both love making forplay hot with a nice round of rimming, reach around and cock sucking before getting down to the hardcore anal action.

Ed loves when Big Jack hammers in cock deep in his ass from multiple positions.

Models: Big Jack, Ed

Length: 51 minutes

Categories: mature / mature
Tags: mature active

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