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Lewis entertains a cubby mature gentleman by the name of Little John who loves to suck cock and get fucked by horny admirers.

Big Jack gets into a nice mix round of fun with his young admirer Chris. Big Jack simply loves to service Chris' huge stiff cock.

Models: Chris, Lewis, Big Jack, Little John

Length: 68 minutes

Categories: mature / younger
Tags: chubby, younger active

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Snapshots from scene 1
Scene 1: Lewis And Little John

Lewis and Little John just hit it off and simply couldnt keep their hands off each other. Little John wanted to suck the seed out of Lewis' manhood to make sure that he was nice and hard for the anal penetration.

This scene is a must see if you are an admirer of chubby mature gentlemen.

Models: Lewis, Little John

Length: 41 minutes

Categories: mature / younger
Tags: chubby, younger active

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Snapshots from scene 2
Scene 2: Big Jack And Chris

Big Jack and Chris is back for another round of fun - Big Jack simply can not get enough of playing with Chris' smooth young body and huge rock solid cock.

They both enjoy a good round of sucking, fingering, rimming and jerking off.

Models: Big Jack, Chris

Length: 28 minutes

Categories: mature / younger
Tags: chubby

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