Daddy Hand Jobs

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Pat, Blake, ThomDaddy and Mark all shows us how they enjoy spending some quality alone time with a big bottle of lube, some dildos and their own hands.

Pat has an outdoor voyour style scene, Blake abuse himself in the bathroom, ThomDaddy gets turned on by his erotic story and Mark takes his collection of big dildos and buttplugs out into the sun for some fun.

Models: Blake, Mark, Pat, Thomdaddy

Length: 44 minutes

Tags: bear, solo, toys

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Snapshots from scene 1
Scene 1: Pat Jerking Off

Being in the mood for some quality alone time Pat gets down to business and works on getting himself off.

Being a true exhibitionist Pat enjoys having his play time filmed for all to see - that really turns him on.

Models: Pat

Length: 14 minutes

Tags: solo

Snapshots from scene 2
Scene 2: Blake Jerking Off

There is nothing wrong with having a big bottle of quality lube stashed in the bathroom.. You never really know when you are in the mood for a nice quick jerkoff session.

Blake loves it when someone 'spy' on him having fun in the bathroom with some good lube and his nice hard dick - so in this scene we 'spy' on him to see how he enjoys some quality time alone in the bathroom.

Models: Blake

Length: 9 minutes

Tags: solo

Snapshots from scene 3
Scene 3: Thomdaddy Jerking Off

Thomdaddy enjoys spending a bit of solo time on the couch reading and jerking off. Hot erotic stories of mature men and young admirers getting it on always gets his hormones going and with no admirer around to join the takes matters into his own hands.

Models: Thomdaddy

Length: 13 minutes

Tags: bear, solo

Snapshots from scene 4
Scene 4: Mark Jerking Off

Mark loves showing off his huge collection of sexy toys and dildo and on top of that he loves to demonstrate how they are used and how much he likes stuffing his ass with toys while jerking off outside..

Models: Mark

Length: 8 minutes

Tags: bear, solo, toys

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